Government Programs in Colorado


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Colorado Assistance Programs

In Colorado, there are several federally funded programs that are offered to residents in need of assistance. Some of the benefits of these federally funded programs include housing, food assistance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance. Colorado offers these helpful programs to support qualifying individuals and families. It is vital for residents who want to receive benefits from these CO programs to understand the eligibility conditions and application process for each program. Additional details about each of the benefit programs in Colorado can be found below. Learn more about who qualifies, how to apply and more by looking over these programs.

Colorado Department of Human Services

Along with the income limit for food stamps, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) establishes the eligibility requirements and application procedures for several family assistance program options throughout the state. By providing residents with the highest standard of health care and family support services possible, the CDHS is responsible for improving the safety, independence and overall well-being of all of the citizens of Colorado. The CDHS oversees state and local family assistance programs that help its citizens connect to the resources and support they need to prosper. As a comprehensive human services system, CDHS representatives work with applicants to create an appropriate family assistance plan so that they are able to best take advantage of available services. The CDHS provides a wide array of individual and family support services to the citizens of Colorado through a state-supervised and county-administered structure. This means that the state CDHS departments concern themselves with issues like TANF requirements or the food stamps Colorado income eligibility requirements, while county CDHS departments act as the direct provider of services to those in need. READ MORE

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Unemployment benefits in Colorado and other essential social and economic programs are overseen and administered by the state’s Department of Labor and Employment. In addition to unemployment compensation, the Department supports residents’ education and employment goals through a variety of programs and resources related to financial aid and larger employment and termination concerns. The Department works with employers, workers, students, labor groups and others to promote a safe, healthy and economically vibrant work environment across the state. It also gathers, processes and maintains statistics and other valuable information on unemployment assistance, jobs, employment, wages and related issues. These figures assist lawmakers and others in making positive decisions about the future and direction of workplace and employment programming in the state. Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment is committed to providing support and increasing opportunities for workers and students of all ages and in all fields. READ MORE

Colorado Department of Housing & Urban Development

The Colorado Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) provides a number of benefits and housing assistance programs to Coloradoans. Homebuying benefits include HUD homes that can often be purchased well less than market value along with the FHA loans that can be applied for in order to obtain one. Other benefits offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development include Section 8 housing, now referred to as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, which is designed to aid low-income families and households in obtaining affordable housing. Review the sections below for more information on the Colorado HUD including housing counseling, HUD homes, FHA loans and the Section 8 program. READ MORE

Colorado Health Care Services

Colorado Health Care Services include many different affordable insurance plans in Colorado that are designed to treat illnesses and injuries. Each plan covers a wide variety of health care services across Colorado. Colorado health care programs include Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act in 2010 helped improve and expand coverage for state Medicaid, also known as Health First Colorado. The ACA added new services, improved on the already existing ones and made sure that affordable health coverage would be available to everyone. READ MORE

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), where residents can obtain a Colorado drivers license, overlooks and administers a number of valuable services. Whether you are applying for a drivers license for the first time, or whether you need to renew drivers license, it is important to understand the process in doing so. Additionally, Colorado mandates the completion car registration on all vehicles so it is crucial that you understand how to obtain new car registration as well as renewals. Understanding traffic ticket laws, including how to fight or pay them, can save you time and money. Finally, the Colorado DMV offers a variety of online services that can provide you with a greater convenience in your endeavors. READ MORE